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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

wednesday well-being: steamed kale

monday's lunch made by moi

last night was the kickoff for our new offering, 24 days o' tranquility e-course. what a fun group we have! during the call i confessed my big accomplishment of steaming kale this week. most of you have probably been steaming things most of your life. i, however, feel unblessed and most challenged near the kitchen so this was a big moment.

how to make a yummy, basic meal of steamed kale and brown rice the kimberly way:

1. bag of brown rice, heat in microwave 90 seconds. i know, i know but it's baby steps with me.
2. add 2 inches of water to a bowl, sprinkle montreal steak seasoning and lemon over kale, place small kale bunches on top of water, and cover with paper towel. microwave 2-3 minutes until tender. {confession: i consulted this website for the how-to}

voila! i was most proud of myself despite this being quite elementary.

considering kale is a superfood and we all need a few more greens in our life, why not give this a whirl? it's filling, tasty {especially as kale chips}, and oh-so-colorful. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your kitchen achievement Kimberly! Have you read The 4 Hour Chef? It's the best beginners guide to cooking I've found. I also love, they have hours of online vegan cooking classes that make it really easy to learn new techniques. xoxo!

kimberly wilson said...

meg: i haven't perused that book or website yet, thanks for the tips. it's all about super duper baby steps for me! appreciate the resources x

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite baby steps in the kitchen are buying pre-minced garlic and pre-minced ginger, as well as bottles of lemon juice and lime juice instead of squeezing my own. Also the frozen organic vegetable mixes at Whole Foods take care of all the chopping and prepping to make it much less overwhelming :) Good luck with your kitchen experiments!

Melinda Parkhurst said...

I've got just the thing for you -
5 ingredient recipes that are super simple over at Stone Soup - Stone Soup - And of course, Kimberly, I'm always glad to give you a cooking lesson any time you want :o)

kimberly wilson said...

melinda, i SO appreciate it. will check out stone soup and we must do a kitchen 101 lesson at the pink palace! x