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Monday, September 09, 2013

a peek at tranquilologie

bonne new week, mes amis.

this weekend i was able to sign, number, and begin the process of packaging up each copy of tranquilologie with heaps of love. each pre-order comes with a glassine envelope stuffed with an upcycled TranquiliT headband, chamomile tea, and striped straw stuffed and sealed {with washi tape, of course} by moi.

merci beaucoup for your generous support of this creative project. i hope it fills you with inspiration and tools to live tranquility each and every day. and, oh-so-excited to celebrate with some of you tomorrow! bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, that looks so beautiful and I love the little gift package and personalized touches! But holy crap, that book is $70 CAD with international shipping!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks for the kind words re: this new pink creation.

yes, it's a specialty limited edition full-color hardcover book so not mass produced and, sadly, international shipping is quite pricey. x

Vintage Butterfly said...

i can't wait to receive my copy in the mail!!! :) You are such an inspiration to me and i love that i can learn from you and be a support in your projects!

Cherie said...

I received my copy and love it! Looking forward to spending time savoring it. :)