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Friday, July 05, 2013

week in review

birthday lights + love notes greeted moi in studio office
chariTea handmade tea bags to benefit tranquil space foundation + farm sanctuary
morning spent prepping gifts of love from paris

week in review
 3-hour yin yoga workshop with sarah powers
tea date at odette
rodin gardens 
tea time at mariage freres
3-hour macaron class {consumed 90% of what i made}
packed to return to dc
picked up tranquillité parfum creations from paris parfum maker
8-hour flight back to dc
reunited with le beau + companion animals o' love
greeted at studio by sweetest office birthday decor {see top pic}
saw our new chariTea offering {see middle pic}
taught 2 yoga classes
took 1 yoga class
40th birthday gift to self: linda rodin face oil {loving it!}
organization of 6 weeks o' mail
met with book designer to finalize layout
to bed b/w 6-9pm each night, up b/w 5-6am
unpacked paris 
packed for 10 days in portland
maintenance: cut + color, mani + pedi
savored a hot bath in my own tub complete with a lush bath bomb
sipped bubbly on the my paris flight home + felt decadent
TranquiliT restock for studios
fall TranquiliT sample review
packaged lots of love from paris {bottom pic}

weekend wish list
safe arrival to portland {typing from the plane}
bask in two days of world domination summit
savor connections + reconnections

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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