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Saturday, June 29, 2013

my final day in the 30s

notre dame love
evening date with tranquil space teacher niya
facetime with le chat noir {clearly bored}
facetime with le pug {clearly intrigued}
more notre dame love from the park across the seine
after dinner tea time
pre-yoga tea time with maite at odette
odette prettiness
our sweetness-filled table at odette
charming courtyard in my apartment building
3-hour yoga workshop with sarah powers at rasa

my final day in my 30s began with reading {bonjour, happiness and search inside yourself}, practicing legs up the wall, and sipping my daily dose of green tea with mint. 

although i loved last week's writing workshop, it was nice to wake up without an alarm and have ample time to piddle before heading out for the day. while the above photos are not at all in chronological order, they provide a taste of today's simple pleasures: yoga, tea time, togetherness, and charm.

tomorrow is mon anniversaire and although i have a few adventures in mind, i have no place to be at any certain time. ah, a true gift! museums, bookstores, tea salons, and churches beckon.

although my time in paris is coming to an abrupt end {insert sigh}, the lessons will live on. in many, many ways. especially the grand attention to details. life is made up of all the little details and i'm prepared to strive to make them even more special. each and every day. 

won't you join moi? here's to a new decade. bisous. x

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Perfect Peace Jai! said...

Bonne anniversaire, Kimberly!

shelly said...

Happy birthday the fortys are the best

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly! Will be thinking of you today! Lots of love--Sally Emerson

Lynne from NY said...

You make life lovely! All the best and safe travels back :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous new decade ahead and Parisian chicness follows for many years to come.

kimberly wilson said...

merci beaucoup, ladies. i REALLY appreciate your kind wishes. x