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Friday, May 31, 2013

week in review: paris week deux

chanel no. 5 exhibit
view down to exhibit
inside the exhibit

week in review
trip to giverny with retreaters
jaunt to marche aux puces with retreaters
took retreaters to fave vintage shops
 oohed and ahhed at haute couture exhibit
dinner + art journaling + yoga dates chez moi with retreaters
dinner date with friend and boutique manager
spontaneous mid-day movie
call with webmaster
hosted a mentoring session
brainstorming call with brooklyn pal
 dinner with remaining retreaters
met fellow american in line at chanel no. 5 exhibit
 jaunt to ashtanga yoga address but . . . in wrong city {sigh}
chanel no. 5 exhibit {j'adore, pics above}
hours of writing
 announced first round of tranquility pop-up ticket sales
added brooklyn + ottawa to the mix
shared weekly things i love
 dined at restaurant where renoir painted luncheon of the boating party
signed up for chillsville workshop for tonight's with rusty wells
signed up for parfum making workshop
finished wisdom 2.0 and loved it
read more from savor
found out plum village is not accepting visitors around my birthday {sigh}
research into amsterdam jaunt for 3-day workshop with sarah powers
updates to next week's retreaters
penned love notes
sipped heaps of tea
daily facetime with le beau
daily meditation
 began background work on next writing project, tranquility du jour anthology

weekend wish list
pen june goals
art journal paris goals
venture to vanves flea market
jaunt to farmer's market
 savor workshop with rusty wells
jaunt to la poste to mail love notes

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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gina said...

Sounds like you are having quite the adventure :) Would love to hear how Rusty's workshop is - sounds divine!

Nikol said...

Oh no! So sad to hear that you won't get to visit Plum Village. I would love to take a trip there myself someday. Hope you get to do something else fabulous on your birthday!

kimberly wilson said...

regina, the workshop was lovely + felt like home. ommm. x

nikol, i'm super sad. had my heart set on it but it doesn't appear to be in the cards this round as they're in between retreat sessions. sigh. we'll get there at some point, for sure! now i get to come up with another option for the big 4.0! x

Kim said...

loving the pics you are posting of your time in Paris. Always inspired by how far you have come and how you are making your dreams come true without compromising who you are.

kimberly wilson said...

kim, thank you for your kind words, much appreciated. delighted to hear you like the pics. they're fun to share! x