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Thursday, May 30, 2013

tranquilosophy: snail mail

parisian love notes ready to be penned

bonjour from rainy paris. after a lovely dinner with retreater, studio boutique manager, and TranquiliT-lover who just happened to be on my same flight over, i bid adieu to my final dc friend last night. le sigh. on wednesday i welcome a group of 10 more lovelies. {insert big smile}

this morning i settled in to handle a few projects pre-dashing off to a class at ashtanga yoga paris and tuning in to a burda style webinar later today. one of my projects is captured above. sending a stash of love notes complete with lov tea bags secured by polka dot japanese masking tape. 

i've been an avid purveyor of snail mail love notes since my early days. mama wilson would insist we pen holiday thank yous on christmas day before we could play with said gifts. also, my beloved gramma and i had a letter writing love affair for years. i especially smiled it when she included stickers. and my passion for letting people know they are loved the old fashioned way . . . snail mail began.

after my internship interview spring 2012, i followed up with a thank you note and tucked a tea bag inside. before leaving my internship this spring, my supervisors confessed how "interesting" they found this tactic. apparently it isn't common in the "real" world. so i was sure all notes came to them with tea bags moving forward and even attached one to my powerpoint presentation handouts in grad school last month. again, probably not the norm.

stationery brings moi great joy. i have an entire basket dedicated to blank cards waiting to find a home, stamps, and address labels {love me the target dollar bin where i find colorful cute ones for a steal}. i also have another basket dedicated to mostly gifted blank journals waiting to be filled. oh, and another basket or two with filled journals from bygone days. plus a small box with tags, tiny gift cards, and confetti. apparently stationery is an addiction to some and a love affair to others. i think i'm somewhere in between. et toi?

to ensure proper love notes continued while i was away, i toted 26 blank note cards and address labels with me to paris. there is a feeling of extreme gratification when i stamp a love note and place it in the mail box. a sort of knowing that it will be a welcomed surprise among bills, unwanted catalogs, and junk mail.

pull out a colorful note card and let someone know you're thinking of them. why not add a signature insert and seal it with a kiss? snail mail is the new black. bisous. x

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Rachel said...

When I signed the lease on the studio I sent thank you snail mails with cute kittens on to my lawyer + real estate agent. I think they both thought I was mad - in a nice way :)

kimberly wilson said...

i love it! kitten snail mail is the best x