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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

tranquilosophy: percolation

images from yesterday's 2013 sketchbook project submission

things are percolating. i feel heaps bubbling up inside seeking a release valve.

alas, i'm home in bed after fighting exhaustion, clammy skin, and achy body all morning. you know, the kind where you swear you can feel the blood running through your veins? being sick every other month is for the birds. le beau reminds me that it's fatigue from overdoing. i hear him. i'm listening intently and trying to slow it all down. really, i am. i don't have the energy i used to.

before heading home from internship last night, i picked up a sprinkle-covered cupcake thinking it would give me the jolt i needed. sadly, it didn't. instead i focused on putting one foot in front of the other the whole way home and proceeded to sleep 12 long hours after consuming a yummy green smoothie. it's all about balance, right?

i continue to explore making friends with 2013. my kitty's cancer diagnosis hasn't helped, but i remain optimistic. especially with these feelings of evolution bubbling up within. something fresh is on the horizon. i can almost taste it, but i'm still not clear what it is. 

possibly the conclusion of my master's in social work? maybe my minimalism dabbling? a big travel adventure? or perhaps it's something tiny like a new lipstick? who knows, but i sense it. et toi? feeling shifts this a comin' year?

while i continue to bask in this unexpected percolation, i am grateful for your input and appreciate your patience as i dabble with the blog in the new year. again, small shifts to support us all in living life with a splash of color, sparkle, and tranquility. let it percolate. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, somatic symptoms can be signs of stress. Our bodies way of making us slow down. Remember self-care is crucial, but you know that...after all, you are queen of self-care!

I hope the best for Bonnard! He is a strong kitty, so he will make it through!

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bonnard - and I hope that you find support as you nurse him through his illness.

Echoing Sarah's comment: I notice in one of your photos the word "Sabbath" so I'm sure you've already read Wayne Muller's amazing book. It seems like the biggest thing missing in your life right now is spaciousness. As you pulled back from being so hands-on at the studios, your time was filled with your internship, coursework, courses, travel, extending your business offerings.....and yes, these are all part of who you are, and what you want to give to the world, but they take time, and energy.

I remember seeing a photo of you lying in your hammock at the cabin, and the sense of ease or Suka that surrounded you. Perhaps that is the missing piece?

When we stop listening to the body's cry for rest and restoration, it will yell and scream until you pay attention - and it is way more stubborn than you are! Know that you already have all the information you need at this time

bisous xoxo

Nicole said...

Ugh! I've had my share of those days as well. Sometimes it's hard to remember that taking time for ourselves is how we prepare to take care of those we love-- Especially for introverts. Human tanks don't do well on empty (nor do cat tanks a la 5 am...)

Sophie said...

Sending you lots of healing engergy.

Hope you feel better soon,

Be kind to yourself.

Sophie Muchmore XXXX

Scribbling Change said...

so so sorry to hear about the kitty. sending tons of love.

kimberly wilson said...

ladies, thank you for the kind words regarding my sweet kitty. much appreciated.

indeed, not having had a "sabbath" for nearly 14 years has taken its toll and my body (and mind) is ready for it! um, clearly demanding it. i'm clearly a slow learner.

merci for your feedback + love! x