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Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY daybooks

more daybook sightings. these darling images were shared by shelia, kathi, and jen. merci beaucoup for sharing and creating. look for more videos and additional DIY daybook tips coming throughout the year. share your favorites with moi as i'd love to feature YOUR creative sparks and unique ways of crafting your DIY daybooks. bisous. x

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marilyn said...

Would love to see more pics of the daybook pdf version which is the one I bought. I am debating if I should have it printed vertical or horizontal to fit in a regular binder, Is the bottom left a pdf or has the daybook been unbound?

ScoutDog Studios said...

I purchased the PDF version and printed it double-sided horizontally and put it in a 3-ring binder that I then collaged. Love it!
(My daybook is the one pictured on the right)
Have an amazing 2013!

marilyn said...

Thanks for the pdf info "scout dog studios". Your daybook looks great:)

Vintage Butterfly said...

awww...Kimberly, you posted mine too...:) i have to say, i am loving that i put ribbon as my binder, it looks so pretty when it's open or closed. :)

This was such a fabulous idea!!!