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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

daybook dreams

more daybook sightings. three of these darling images were shared by kelly and shannon while two were snapped with lay and anne in action at sunday's urban women's retreat. merci beaucoup for sharing and creating!

look for more videos and additional DIY daybook tips coming throughout the year. share your favorites with moi as i'd love to feature YOUR creative sparks and unique ways of crafting your daybook dreams. bisous. x

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Desert Mermaid said...

Kimberly --

I know you don't know me, and this may sound weird, but ... I feel proud of you! What I mean is that I love watching how you take something that has proved to have great meaning for you and transition it into something that has benefit for so many more, like with this daybook. I've kept a written journal for 37 years, and a visual journal for nearly 9, so I understand how journaling really moves mountains, internally, then otherwise, expanding outwardly. Your generosity is awesome.

Catherine said...

I was really pleased to arrive back in spain yesterday and receive my much anticipated day book after spending my holiday in native UK. It is gorgeous and I cant wait to start properly (although a little late). I had asked for the ephemera pack but it wasn't included with my book! Is it possible to send one? I'm sorry for asking on this but I couldn't locate an email contact address on your website.

Catherine Pickard

Catherine said...

Maybe a weekly post on the history of yoga in weekly accessible 'bits' or something about the different gods and goddesses?