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Friday, December 07, 2012

week in review

stripes + patterns pairing
 le pug + his new wreath
 mustard tights + TranquiliT hi lo skirt
 le beau all smiles with his new tree
 a love note left on my colleague's desk
 bonnard's mean mug
le pug's annoyed mug in newly acquired bills jersey

tranquility du jour podcast featured in iTunes' "what's hot" (merci for sharing, carol)

week in review
taught 2 yoga classes
took 1 yoga class
biked 12 miles to + fro internship
date night with le beau = lincoln 
consumed by jet lag on saturday = slept and slept and slept
released december's tranquilologie issue
hosted 2 mentoring sessions
heaps of hot baths
morning pages
saw marianne williamson speak re: latest book
deux date nights with girlfriends
picked up heaps of goodies for tranquil space team, decor + events
phone meetings
late night chats with graphic designer 
heaps of edits + yummy additions to tranquility du jour daybook
call with webmaster re: new website
22 hours at internship
4 hours MSW classes
penned paper for final exam
training on problem gambling
chose tree for le beau's cabin
prep for hosting tranquil space director's gathering chez moi
podcast interview with courtney carver of project 333
beautification = wax + hair cut + color
turned in internship log hours = nearly 330 this fall
lots of snuggle time with pets
agreed to volunteer at FARM's holiday party next week

 weekend wish list
safe travels to and fro new york city
absorb lots of inspiration from julia cameron at open center workshop
take yummy yoga class at jivamukti
pack daybook ephemera packets with love
host festive love-filled event for tranquil space directors
host inspiring yoga fundraiser for tranquil space foundation ($5, sunday, 3:30, dupont)
get le pug's pic with santa

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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melissa said...

If I ever saw you in jivamukti yoga I think I would pass out from star-struck-ness! I read you constantly, but rarely post anything. Since you're coming to my hometown, I feel compelled to welcome you and wish you a blissful weekend here!

kimberly wilson said...

ah melissa, you're too cute. thanks for reading + the well wishes. nyc always provides the perfect amount of creative injection! x