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Friday, December 28, 2012

week in review: au revoir 2012

 last night's homemade meal of kale + brown rice
 thank yous stuffed with love, tea bag + new year's confetti
winter wonderland shot from today's afternoon stroll

week in review
participated in 108 sun salutes for charity = sore hammies
taught 2 yoga classes
taught a private yoga session
saw central park five = highly recommend
tea date with girlfriend
lots of cuddle time with le pug + le chat
savored a yummy yin + yoga nidra workshop
shipped second round of daybooks that arrived christmas eve
trip to le beau's cabin among snowfall on christmas eve
opened delights from santa
penned heaps of thank yous + filled them with love
released podcast 260 on the magical path
heaps of time fireside
yoga in front of the fire
played in the snow with le pug
pulled out sleeper sofa and slept fireside for days
filled in my new tranquility du jour daybook with a pink marker
began reading the power of habit
finished reading creative thursday
afternoon stroll in the woods

weekend wish list
 release personalized podcast to tranquilogie subscribers
safe journey back to dc
granny square facetime date with mama wilson
craft, pen + release end of year tranquility du jour museletter
walk through snow for morning massage
as much fireside time as possible
yummy long soak in the tub

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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