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Friday, November 30, 2012

week in review

watercolor by mary catherine starr
precious creativity circle graduates
 tranquil space foundation volunteer gathering
 table set for gathering
louis the pug rockin' his doggie tee
 this week's yogi tea message
 my happy place
 rockin' my madonna tea + befriending sacred cows
 they loved moi (especially the tea biscuits)

 week in review
 movie night with sweet arjun (my 8-year-old beau)
final honey lemon ginger tea
final street dog + sacred cow feeding
8 hour transport from rishikesh to delhi
18-hr flight from delhi to dubai to dc
 released 258th episode of tranquility du jour podcast featuring zoe weil
tranquilosophy: adventures in TranquiliT mp3 + post
20 hours at amtrak EAP internship
6 hours MSW classes
 hosted creativity circle finale
hosted tranquil space foundation gathering
TranquiliT order organizing + coordination with seamstress
call with vet re: bonnard's test results and next steps
heaps of hot baths
lots of waking up at 4am
1 gym jaunt
taught 1 yoga class
2-hour director's meeting
rode bike 12 miles
 met the minimalists at dc talk
tranquility du jour daybook edits
penned most of tranquilologie's december issue (releases tomorrow)

weekend wish list
fun with friends at marianne williamson event tonight
safe travels to and from cabin
procure tony bennett tickets for january 26 
write paper for strength's based model
final daybook edits to designer
lots of offline time 
art journal
 crochet facetime with mama wilson
warm fireside

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Zoë said...

Love the painting of you Kimberly, you so should get a really large print of it and hang it over your fireplace :D hehe