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Thursday, October 04, 2012

tranquilosophy: sparkle

last night i crawled into bed shortly after 7pm and was asleep by 8:30pm. i'm still recovering from the efforts for pigs, late night with madonna, late night return from nyc, weekend of greenfestival, late night of teaching, release of october's tranquilologie, and the launch of the creativity circle. all this while juggling my new part-time "job" (where my fellow intern states that we're "playing in traffic") learning to be a beginner and helping others with big life issues. while my muscles are longing for movement, the rest of my body and mind are very, very tired.

oh, and i must mention that all of the courses i've signed up for (year of mindfulness, a better world + a meaningful life, and how to write better) are starting. hmmm, maybe i bit off more than i can chew? story. of. my. life.

while a grad school paper due today beckons my attention, i wanted to procrastinate a bit longer and pen a post. a post about sparkle.

in october's tranquilologie, i wrote about the importance of having "the right people on the bus" (to quote jim collins). it's the same in life as in business. surrounding ourselves with people who contribute to and understand our eccentricities can help move mountains. people who laugh with us. people who think big and help us see our shadow side when we can't.

do you find yourself connected to fellow kindred spirits on a spiritual, creative path? does your sparkle side get a chance to shine daily? does your home reflect sparkle or dullness? does your style show your brilliance?

while i feel a bit dull surrounded by bags that need unpacking from greenfestival, piles of creative ephemera for my weekend of art journal toolkit packing, and heaps of creative endeavors begging for attention, i know the sparkle lies within. get through life's bumps and ongoing shifts with a splash of sparkle. it's easy to sparkle when all is going smoothly, but what about when bills need to be paid, babies are crying, and the house is a mess?

as marianne williamson reminds us, "we are all meant to shine as children do. . . and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same."

may you sparkle and shine this thursday. the house will get cleaned. the deadlines with pass. the creative projects will be there. our only constant is change. embrace it. with sparkle. and surround yourself with fellow sparklers.

bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Your sparkle brightly shines! Sending wattage your way and smiles!!

cococita said...

I love this post. Life would be nothing without sparkle! To me, this post is filled with synchronicity which makes my eyes twinkle. Thank you so much and good luck on all your projects and plans!

Anonymous said...

As cococita said, very synchronistic.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely post! Beautiful reminders - especially about having the right people on our bus on this life journey!