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Friday, September 28, 2012

week in review

 bike ridin' to madonna

 madonna concert chic

 editing at vegan cafe in nyc

 stripes + floral love

 dress form set up at green festival

 sparkly backdrop setting at green festival

dress form evolution

tonight's facetime with le beau = showcasing our 4-legged friends

week in review
 taught 3 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
began year of mindfulness program
meditation session with tara brach
lunch date with girlfriend
 22 hours internship
rode acela to nyc
taught 3 chair yoga classes in nyc
thrift shopping in nyc
4 hours MSW
 meeting with bookkeeper
dinner date with girlfriend
rode bike to madonna concert
completed insurance claim from burglary
sang + danced at madonna concert
ordered new moo cards for TranquiliT
penned + mailed heaps of thank yous
finalized accounting + shipped auction items from pigs event
sent creativity circle confirmations (2 spots left)
shared exciting events around the corner
ordered super cute provence cards
TranquiliT shipping
greenfestival prep + set up
launched TranquiliT fall collection online
reminder to art journal toolkit loves on ship date
said "no" to a few opportunities i couldn't fit into planner
belly laughs with le beau 
caught up with france participant, sylvia, at spontaneous whole foods meet up

weekend wish list
spread inspiration during 2pm talks at green festival
 indulge in self-care after days of being "on"
catch up on sleep
soak in the tub
release inspiring podcast featuring kate payne

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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