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Thursday, August 23, 2012

museletter sneak peek

an end of summer love note museletter will be hitting in boxes this week filled with updates, tranquility tips, and savvy sources. are you on the list? non, le sigh. you can sign up for these seasonal love notes at the bottom of this page

bisous. x

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Pam Spencer said...

C'est cie bon, cher Kimberly!!
I just this week tasted lavendar in gelato that my neighbor made. Also this week, read about your new skill, canning and using culinary lavendar!! Quel coincidence! Need I say I would love to receive Lovely Lavendar Peach Jam?! Everything about your posts, your blog, your adventures and your enthusiastic joy delight and inspire me.
Peace, joy, blessings, love,

p.s. Merci for your reply to a message I sent recently.