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Friday, July 27, 2012

week in review

sneak peek at watercolor for upcoming "breakfast at TranquiliT" by mary catherine

week in review
taught 2 yoga classes
took 2 yoga classes
2 gym jaunts
signed up for an online writing course
evening dinners + long talks with good friends
late night movies (unforgivable + magic mike)
 mentoring calls
big decision making
lots of listening
bathtub repair
home + paperwork organization
captured matisse for nail trim at vet (meow)
shipped gifts + TranquiliT orders
wrote blurb for speaking at greenfestival
signed up for farm sanctuary's walk for farm animals
organized victoria moran event logistics for pigs + tranquil space
 finalized homepage for new kimberlywilson website
tranquilista lifestyle e-course love notes
passport pic for amtrak internship badge
prep for weekend workshops
penned piece on art journaling
shared pics from tranquility summer camp
penned piece on hand stamping jewelry
date night with le beau
mailed love notes
restocked TranquiliT at tranquil space boutiques
hosted last two days of tranquility summer camp
snuggle time with le pug
travel back to dc from wv
third book idea to agent - now to pen proposal
snapped heaps of new vintage/reclaimed items from portland, paris + nyc
lots of journal writing
phone chats with parents - there in 1.5 weeks
coordinated manager thank you lunch

weekend wish list
host inspiring art journal playshop
host inspiring yoga party
sub inspiring yoga + meditation class
learn heaps at taking action for animals conference
meet new animal-loving friends
tranquilologie's august issue writing
pen august muse for tranquil space newsletter

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Sarah said...

Excited you are thinking of writing a new book!! Good luck :)

I loved your other ones so much I shared them with my sister too.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring and impressive list as always! And a 3rd book? WOO HOO sending positive thoughts your way for that!

I wish i lived near to DC I wold love to go to the Art Journal Playshop!

This weekend:
Creating next weeks subjects for my e-Course Word Play, reading, creating and spending time with family along with some releasing!

goodmoodyogagirl said...

Love reading these posts (and all of your blog posts) but these are so motivating to move forward on the weekends and just not sleep in & drink coffee.
Third book!! yay!! Thank you for the note on the book Becoming a Life Change Artist - on my wish list now! Have you read and of Daniel Pink's books, Drive or A Whole New Mind? I am curious about them.
I will be visiting family this weekend (i.e. creating memories) and organzing my bedroom and book & journal area. I have several books bedside and cannot commit to just one, Stepehen Covey's, The Third Alternative; Gabby Bernstein's, Spirit Junkie; NonViolent Communication & Awakening the Buddha Within....what to read, what to read?? Happy weekends all!
~blessings~ diana