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Saturday, July 21, 2012

hand stamped jewelry workshop

tuesday i headed to nyc for a hand stamped jewelry class at make workshop. here are some photos from my 2-hour journey. above are the supplies used: stamps, block, hammer, and blanks.
here was my first practice piece on scrap metal.

next i crafted a heart for a friend plus a key with her new son's name.

then i crafted "love" into a sterling silver pendant to add to the necklace.

finally i crafted two more pendants mantras "fly" and "be" - two perfect reminders.

i enjoyed tuesday's crafting adventure and may pick up my own typewriter stamp set to continue this creative process. curious? here's an amazing tutorial by happy hour projects and the hollie rouge plus a video by beaducation. any other hand stamping lovers out there? 

 image courtesy of silver wing designs

 image courtesy of sugar plum stitches

you can also stamp silverware or other metal goodies as featured above. find more beautiful work on vintage pieces through etsy and beyond such as fave liz lamoreaux. truly inspiring. bisous. x

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MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Girl, you do not waste ant time gettin' your groove on a new hobby! So glad you found the perfect class. Ox

kimberly wilson said...

it was SO much fun, lara! x