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Thursday, June 07, 2012

tranquilosophy: settling in

evening cafe time with sir louis, cuppa chamomile tea + my journal

the past two weeks in france has been filled with new connections, heaps of hosting, seeking new experiences, and settling in to a different pace of life. surprisingly exhausting, yet incredibly rewarding. leaving the comfort of home with beau, pug, and luggage in tow makes for an adventure. from getting proficient with "parlez-vous anglais?" to freezing when someone says "bonjour mademoiselle" by randomly responding "pardon" and running off, and accidentally ordering a "cafe of water" instead of a "carafe of water" - it's been one giggle after another. i mean, after all, you have to be able to laugh at yourself, right?

there are a few beautiful things that have emerged from my journey and i'm hopeful that they will become part of my repertoire and inspire you, too.

1. take time to sip tea. sitting at a cafe to truly savor a pot of tea is beautiful. it's a true gift to curl up with a pot of tea, good book, and pug on your lap. why rush the process with a to-go cup?

2. there is no hurry. there is not the rush, rush mentality i live by back home. there seems to be a true appreciation for smelling the roses.

3. exude style. a scarf and a striped shirt seem to be a part of everyone's wardrobe. lots of colorful pants on men and a true sense of presenting oneself beautifully to the world.

4. beauty is everywhere. lordie, even some ads in the metro are set within a gorgeous ornate gold frame! also, fleur shops are everywhere and i picked up some beautiful peonies for our hotel room this week. appreciation for simple touches (doilies with tea, artistic monet garden tickets, ornate train stations) seems to be an art form here.

5. always say hello. before asking questions or when entering a store, there is the standard "bonjour" before launching into one's request. i like that sense of formality and kindness. feels like there is more of a connection. 

we have four weeks left on this journey and i'm grateful for each moment. my hope is to embrace slowing down, serving fully, and filling with fresh ideas. i'm brewing up lots of new offerings for tranquility du jour and plan to pull together a brief survey to get your (my fabulous readers') feedback. 

merci beaucoup for your support and for connecting with a passion for tranquility sprinkled with spirituality and creativity. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly

Thanks for sharing your lessons learned so far from Paris
- I loved seeing your photos of Monets garden at Giverny and am so glad to hear you are having some chill time

Looking forward to hearing more of your tranquil tales


kimberly wilson said...

joanne - absolutely! so happy you're enjoying the "tranquil tales." merci for reading. x