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Thursday, June 28, 2012

day o' parfum

love this chandelier + mirror
 enjoying a moment in the pink room at musée international de la parfumerie 

bonjour thursday. 

it's our final day of the "tour de france" in le camper and we went out with a bang hitting parfumeries, spritzing heaps of violette eau de toilette (my new fave), and visiting musée international de la parfumerie in grasse. tonight we pack and prepare to return our camper in the morning, then catch a train back to paris for mon anniversaire! we're renting an apartment in le marais for two nights and have no plans other than hitting some vintage shops, savoring a yummy meal (typically butter leaf salad, margarite pizza + chocolate mousse), and basking in our final moments in france as i transition into my 40th year (turning 39). amazing how quickly the time has flown since may 22 and i'm already planning next summer's jaunt dreams.  
merci beaucoup for joining moi on this 6-week journey and i look forward to sharing more with you as the revelations unfold. j'adore how we are truly touched by so many sensory experiences in life - especially in france. bisous. x

 love, love, love the violette parfum at fragonard

 i believe that rosé mid-afternoon is a lovely touch 

saw this ornate gate on our walk back to our camper

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