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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

artist date = monet's gardens

 today we took metro, train, and bus to giverny to see monet's home and gardens. when i stepped into his gardens, my heart skipped a beat.
 this photo is postcard perfect and a great resemblance to monet's beautiful work we know and love.
 savoring the view on the stoop of monet's pink house. oui, PINK!
 more japanese bridge + waterlilies.
and more. 

i fell in love with monet during my post-college backpacking trip nearly 20 years ago. it was truly surreal to be in the setting of his inspiration. the colors and scents of the fleurs were breathtaking. what a perfect artist date!  

have you been indulging in artist dates? if so, share. if not, schedule one! your soul will thank you. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Loved seeing this ... could almost pretend I was there with you! Beautiful how much the bridge photo resembles his work.

kimberly wilson said...

ahhh, it was truly divine. so picturesque! x

Kenya, your self-care bon vivant said...

you look beautifully at home at Monet's home!