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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hump day = day deux

day deux of semi-sabbatical. so far i've been undiagnosed with mono (3rd blood test was negative, first two positive), told i had a "mono cousin" instead, gone to the movies spontaneously late at night, signed up for another animal right's conference this summer, spoken at an event, finished sewing a dress, hosted a pal for dinner, and soaked up these changes. slowly acclimating while preparing for 6 weeks in france. here are a few pics from the my semi-sabbatical adventures to date. i'm kinda digging it! happy hump day. bisous. x
 official paperwork for sir louis to put his paws in france
 set table for dinner guest
 added satin stitched sunshine to bebe burb blanket
 french knot embroidery on monogram
regal bonnard's bling

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