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Friday, March 09, 2012

week in review

new vintage coming to TranquiliT

week in review
took 3 yoga classes
2 gym jaunts
taught 4 yoga classes
grief counseling session
manager meetings + calls
artist's date in new york
sent optional excursions to paris + provence retreat participants
hosted vegucated screening + raised $300 for pigs
mentoring sessions
penned thank you notes
TranquiliT shipping
meeting with PR assistant
2.5 hour meeting with financial diva = heart her, hate numbers
rested and rested and rested some more
penned thank you on tranquil space blog
daily soaks in the tub
snapped vintage photos (see above)
dined solo at cafe green and teaism
time with my journal
soaked up sunshine
review of studio schedule for spring changes
set manager retreat date
caught up with gratitude partner
late night chats with le beau
began wheels turning for chariTea set up at studio

weekend wishlist
pen international social work paper
tranquil space happy hour
tranquil space foundation data organization
learn tons at yoga body/buddha mind workshops
tranquil space continuing education training
more rest 
organize chez moi

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
may your weekend be merry. bisous. x

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