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Saturday, March 10, 2012

instagram inspiration

do you know about the wonderful world of instagram? if not, check it out. if so, follow moi @tranquilitydujour for daily sprinkles of inspiration and eye candy. 

blue tights + fringe boots en route to tranquil space happy hour last night

beautiful blue hyacinths outside yoga class today

penning thoughts in journal pre-yoga class today

setting the stage for tonight's solo saturday night in

wall art of vintage handbags organized tonight

what are you snapping photos of right now? so much inspiration surrounds us if we will 
only take a moment to notice. bisous. x

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tinaraye said...

I follow you! Love your pics. How did you make that Instagram collage in this blog post?

kimberly wilson said...

bonjour tina, thanks for following! i use collage creator to make my collages and add the text. enjoy! x