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Friday, February 17, 2012

week in review

week in review
2 gym jaunts
took 3 yoga classes
taught 4 yoga classes
cheered reading this chicago tribune piece on food + conscience
turned in 2 exhausting midterm papers/exams (see second photo)
launched 7-week creativity circle (see last photo)
gussied up front window at tranquil space (see first photo)
savored hot cocoa with seamstress (see third photo)
2 MSW classes
made tea sandwiches for shower
taught 3.5 hours of teacher training
hosted 3-hour art journaling workshop (write up by lisa + christine)
stuffed ephemera-filled goody bags for workshop
studio director interviews
gifts for front desk team meetings
manager reports
manager meetings
2-hour internship interview at house of representatives 
valentines date night with le beau: yoga + vegan dining
hosted 24-hour TranquiliT sale
heaps of shipping + coordination with seamstress
sipped heaps of green tea
noshed on fork fulls of fresh salsa = my latest addiction
dreamed of transitions

weekend wishlist
safe travels to and from texas
heaps of quality time with gramma and family
lighten my in box (grew exponentially this week due to midterms)

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Rebecca Esther said...

The picture of your cat makes me happy :D

Have an awesome weekend!

<3 Becca (

Samantha said...

Is that all??