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Thursday, February 09, 2012

tranquilosophy: morning snuggles

loving on bonnard the hairless kitty

today i left my planner pad at home. i feel naked; as if i'm missing a limb. throughout my first class, non-profit management, i penned to-dos into my ideas book with a sense of anxiety. how could i forget my planner? what would i do with all the random to-dos that flow like a current when i should be focusing on the lecture? hmmmm. 

well, i'm happy to report that the day has unfolded just as it should despite being sans penned to-dos for 2012. insert sigh of relief. best part? it began with some morning snuggle time with first born, biggest lemon *ever* bonnard. as you'll see, he's acquired psychogenic alopecia and incessantly grooms to self-soothe. thus, he has removed heaps of hair. in addition, his consumption of rubber bands ended him in emergency surgery a few years ago (oui, on my birthday), and he has a long scar down his belly courtesy of that adventure. oh, and let us not forget the time he became blind and partially paralyzed leading le beau to google "caring for a disabled cat." 

well, he continues to plug along and recovered from his disabilities. this morning he won me over . . . yet again. he hearts resting on his back and feeling the sunshine on his hairless belly. note his closed contented eyes and his paws curled over. such sweetness. le beau determined he's 80 in people years (13.5 in kitty years). wow!

there is something so lovely about beginning to day with a special moment like this. the week has been filled to the brim with super-long days that have me home at bedtime and jumping into the day once my feet hit the floor. despite the hustle and bustle, taking a moment to snuggle my kitty, chase sir louis + his teddy, connect with le beau, smile at a stranger, or pen a snail mail note facilitates tranquility. life is made up of the itty bitty things. like morning snuggles with a hairless kitty suffering from OCD.

bisous. x

bonnard's vet visit last week

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Nicole said...

We recently took our one-eyed kitty to be groomed. She had way more black fur than she was able to take care of so she now has a very chic lion cut, completely with this season's hottest accessories, boots and a tail tuft. I haven't been able to stop petting her since then, partly because she's so soft and partly because the minute I sit down, she's on my lap looking for warmth. Kitties in various states of hair certainly do brighten days.

Michelle Chun LeRoy said...

Poor Kitty...but what a trooper!! Our 'first born" just had a fur/skin scare itchy bumps and bald patches...trip to the vet, tons of tests...seems he's gluten intolerant....we switched to an organic, gluten-free catfood, which he LOVES...his fur is all better now...but oy! he eats better than his human parents!

J said...

My cat Shaq is 19! We are lucky to have four-footed family members!