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Friday, November 11, 2011

week in review

goodwill purse, boho shawl, palazzo pants, braids = this week's sig style

week in review
indulged in 5 yoga classes
taught 3 yoga classes
taught 7.5 hours of teacher training
got a massage, mani + pedi
dinner date at teaism
private screening of vegucated
hosted handmade giveaway (there's still time!)
pigs board call
tranquility du jour newsletter draft
manager notes + meeting
5 teacher check-ins
podcast interview with leah of art every day
4 hours MSW
tons of hot baths
spontaneous late night bookstore browsing
supported tranquil space dupont team meeting
mentoring calls
wine with girlfriend in town from LA
TranquiliT shipping + studio restock
new vintage goodies on my etsy shoppe
ordered super cute 1" buttons for various ventures
announced new studio director roles (congrats sara + MC!)
meeting with le beau/dir of ops
penned thank yous
registered for spring MSW classes: international SW + managing a non-profit
posted tranquility du jour tv 6 movements of spine
mulled over new organization systems for chez moi

weekend wishlist
host inspiring workshop at om on yoga in richmond
art journal
finish tranquility du jour newsletter
inspiring check-in chat with britt
teach rejuvenating restorative class sunday night
prep for thursday's MSW presentation
brunch with le beau
support tranquil space arlington team meeting

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Britt Bravo said...

Looking forward to our chat!

The Depressed Yogi said...

I am...

- going on a vegan food tour (yay!)
- going for a long run (hopefully)
- enjoying the beautiful weather
- cleaning/organizing chez moi as well
- doing some yoga @ home with your yoga cd!

Healthy Skin Enthusiast said...

That purse has to be the best goodwill find ever! Love it!