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Sunday, November 20, 2011

TDJTV - Scenes from Weekend

tonight's video shows a sneak peek (sans eye make up) into my weekend adventures of gift basket creations with customized love notes, poplar springs thanksgiving potluck, and pigs love. wishing each of you a beautiful launch into the hustle and bustle of the hollydaze! bisous. x

nala, the pig with permanent eye shadow

 kevin bacon loudly slurping h2o

smiling sweet piglet sumo

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, what a nice thing to do for the studios! I actually bought a planner pad for 2012 inspired by you of course! Can't wait to decorate it and I so hope it will be a great tool in the year to come. I have so many things I want to do , dreams to bring to life!
I hope your Thanksgiving is a very blessed and tranquil one!

Shannon said...

Love the idea of orange for Spring. Still savoring Fall colors, but looking forward to seeing new colors too. Such wonderful inspiration as always and thank you for the reminder to check my ideas notebook and highlight. Namaste.

kimberly wilson said...

to live inspired, thank you, i hope your thanksgiving is fabulous, too. SO happy you're a fan of the planner pad! love! xx

kimberly wilson said...

shannon, orange + a deep navy is hte plan. thanks for the kind words and, oui, we must check our ideas book and turn them into to-dos or they remain simply grand . . . ideas! ahhhh. x