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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

passion for pigs

i've spent the past week carefully crafting a new page on my passion for animals that links from the blog. it's full of links, statistics, and overflowing love for furry farm animals, particulary pigs. 

on saturday i'm trekking out to poplar springs animal sanctuary for a thanksgiving celebration with the turkeys and they eat first = genius! and on sunday i'm off to visit walter (featured above) and sumo their latest potbelly piglet at pigs. this is truly the perfect weeknd as far as i can tell. 
pictures and video to come.

tranquility du jour fall museletter hitting in boxes later today. sign up for yours at the bottom of my website,

wishing you a beautiful day filled with a sense of compassion. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Pigs are in my life every-day as my twins are obsessed with a cartoon called Peppa Pig (not sure if you have it in America). Our house is full of Peppa merchandise and they get giddy if they see a pig in real-life (the ones we have come across are very child-friendly and tolerant to being stroked)....

Loving your pig photo collection. Will check out the new links.

Britt Bravo said...

Yay! Love the new page (: