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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

november's online book club choice

bonjour november + bonjour readers,

i hope you enjoyed last month's selected feature, the power of less. this month's featured online book club choice is uncertainty: turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance by jonathan fields. i finished it a couple weeks ago during a return trip from new york and thought you, too, may savor the read. peruse a sample chapter, read a review about how the book helps unlock creativity, watch the video, and consider making it this month's beside companion.

as always, this book cover will be on the lower right side of the blog all month for you to click on and share insights as they arise. will post a few of mine shortly as i did heaps of underlining in my kindle!

happy reading. au revoir, uncertainty. bonjour, creativity. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Another month when I just purchased the book and you announce it for book club! Awesome. I am just starting it now. Look forward to the discussion.

Delmajesty said...

I have wanted to participate in the online book club but have procrastinated. My Kindle came yesterday (LOVE!!!) and I downloaded the book this morning. I will start it tonight.

kimberly wilson said...

i hope that some of you have had a chance to peruse this book and enjoyed it. it's a quick read, got rave reviews on amazon, and i wanted to share a few of my fave takeaways:

- piece about twyla tharp's daily routine from her book "the creative habit"

- "there's something about working hard, then stepping away and doing things that calm your mental chatter enough to create space for big ideas to arise." GENIUS!

- "Godin recommends that we seek out heroes, accomplished individuals who can inspire us by example without having to provide individual feedback and support." good reminder!

- "you need to have a strong sense of what you're trying to build, whom you're serving, and why. otherwise you risk diluting your quest and creative output."

- importance of visualizing. "visualize whatever works for you. be true to the process, actions, and rituals that you can commit to."

- "in a typical day, how much time do you spend working on things that make money or add real value to your business?" uh oh, BIG question!

- importance of watching rhythms of day to note when do best work with greatest ease.

- "it's easy, as a creator, to fall into the habit of showing up and simply doing the work every day without ever stopping to examine whether your current direction is truly serving your muse, your greater life, and your community." BIG!

- "i built certainty anchors more deliberately into my life and my work. i created more systematic routines around basic lifestyle activities, then rebuilt work-oriented creation efforts around a series of intense bursts interspersed with activities that would give both my brain and my body a chance to recover and refuel."

lots of good nuggets! x