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Thursday, November 03, 2011

a dose of inspiration

i snapped this image while walking through georgetown with my new mingle mag in hand. it makes me smile. et toi?

the lovely carolyn park joined me for for last weekend's end factory farming conference and has written two amazing blog posts about the experience here and here. while i continue to gather my notes and thoughts on the 3 conferences last month that i haven't yet summarized (summit of awesome, creativity in business, and end factory farming), her great write-ups of last weekend are sure to provide fabulous fodder on our life-changing experience.

this morning i interviewed eric maisel, a psychologist who teaches about the creative process, and i look forward to sharing the podcast with you. i'm sure you'll be inspired. one of my favorite books of his is a writer's paris. those of you joining me on the paris/provence retreat, check it out!

as i dash out the door for an afternoon of school meetings (papers and presentations this month = boo) and evening of org theory class, i wanted to share a dose of wisdom from eric. he stated the importance of making time for the creative process. if we wait until we get our admin or "real life" to-dos handled, we'll be too tired or frustrated to create when they are done - IF they are ever done. make it a priority. this will save resentment toward what we feel is keeping us from creating. seemed like a good message considering it is art every day month!

what are *you* creating today? bisous. x

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REM Runner said...

Thank you for this beautiful photo and important reminder to prioritize creativity and art every day! You're such an inspiration.

Sarah said...

Very much looking forward to the podcast with Eric Maisel!

The Depressed Yogi said...

And a ginormous MERCI pour vous for inviting me along to the conference. Can't wait until our next playdate! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo