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Friday, October 07, 2011

week in review

image courtesy of hip paris

week in review
taught chair yoga at the phillips collection
4.5 hours MSW
manager meeting
picked up mums + pumpkins for tranquil space storefronts
saved a bebe mouse at dupont circle metro
pigs sanctuary board call
4 yoga classes
perused crafty bastards with louis the pug in tow
saw michael moore speak at 6th and i
posted about girl effect
taught two yoga classes
packed for san francisco
penned thank yous complete with starbucks gift cards
sent photos to designer + webmaster
prepped for sunday's fall TranquiliT launch 
posted images on facebook showcasing fall collection (online next week)
added new vintage/reclaimed finds to TranquiliT
slept a ton to try to beat this achy body
tons of soaks in the tub
heaps of prep for next week's tranquil space foundation event
set up pet care for the weekend
missed le beau a ton while he biked through california
heaps of projects to graphic designer
up today at 4am to fly to san francisco
shared tips to let your light shine
savor journey to san francisco

weekend wishlist
savor muir woods with le beau
festive artist playdate with britt bravo, jennifer lee + lisa sonora beam
host inspiring yoga + creativity workshop at yoga tree 
vintage shopping in the haight
happy, festive, fun TranquiliT trunk show in dc
tea sipping everywhere
dinner playdate with heather pierce
 et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

My wish is to put a decent dent on my to-do list! LOVE those Paris shots. My heart lives there :)

Angeliki said...

Wow! Very productive week! I'm always looking forward to your "week in review" post, always inspirational. Thanks.

kimberly wilson said...

merci, ladies! try your hand at penning a "week in review." you, too, will be impressed with what transpires each week - especially those where it feels like nothing gets crossed off the to-do list. it's a good morale boost and a nice way to see it all written out! x