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Monday, August 29, 2011

TDJTV: Fall TranquiliT Samples

bonjour mon amis. please take a moment to vote on your favorite fall samples. 
YOU get to choose this season's collection. excited to hear your thoughts 
via comments below or email
bisous. x

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Vintage Butterfly said...

I love the ideas for the fall line...

My absolute have to haves are the 2 in 1 slip dress, ruffle pants and chiffon top...but I also loved the rouched pencil skirt, the bloomers and circle skirt...can't wait to see the knee socks...<3 that idea, especially to go with the bloomers for yoga and curling up in bed. :)

Amanda St.Clair said...

I love the idea of the chiffon. It would be super cute as an additional layer to the slip dress. <3

Melinda Parkhurst said...

The 2 in 1 slip dress would be a classic (also would be nice with the chiffon). Love the rouched pencil skirt (XL in this style would definitely be appreciated since it's such a slim cut and would hug curves). The caftan and circle skirt would also be great classic cut pieces that would work well for many seasons to come.

Anonymous said...

Lots of great items. I love the 2 and 1 slip dress, the circle skirt and the rouged pencil skirt. I think the body suit would be a must have as well. I like how interchangeable all these pieces would be. I like the idea of the bloomers but don't think it would be for me. and the chiffon over the body suit for the skirts would be nice.

kimberly wilson said...

merci for all your input. keep it coming. much appreciated! xx

rachal said...

I really loved:
*2 in 1 slip dress
* ruched skirt
* ruffle shorts
* ruched capri pant
* circle skirt
* chiffon top

My fave was the capri pant and chiffon top!!
Great ideas for your collection!

Yvonne said...

Hi, Kimberly. Looking forward to seeing you in Richmond!!
chiffon top
ruffle capri
circle skirt
faux turtle

Lisa said...

Ruched pants, chiffon edged top, and ruffle shorts please!!!

Desert Mermaid said...


I just watched the video -- my favorite piece all the way was the ruched pencil skirt (yowza!); favorite idea of all is the touch of chiffon to various pieces. I also resonated with the ruffled capri pant and OH YES on the circle skirt!!

kimberly wilson said...

loving all your input. super duper helpful. please keep it coming! delighted to hear you all, too, heart the chiffon. xx

From Drab to Fab said...

I love the new color palet you showed last week and these designs are a great addition to your signature pieces! I like them all but here's my favs - I love the rouched pencil skirt! so sexy, the body suit, ruffled shorts and the ruffles pants and the chifon top, so pretty. They will all look so beautiful in your new colors! Can't wait to feature them in my news letter for fall!

Linda said...

Very exciting pieces! Loved:
1) 2 in 1 slip dress
2) body suit ***
3) ruffled shorts
4) rouged capri pants ***
5) caftan ***
6) 2 in 1 chiffon tee ***
7) beautiful black ring on your finger-j'adore!! Any hint on where to get something like that?

Looking forward to your collection!

Thank you for being so creatively inspirational!

Catherine said...

Hi Kimberly!

Must have for the fall are: slip dress, pencil skirt, bodysuit, 2 in 1 with chiffon. Great new designs! I cannot wait to try them on. Yeah, TranquiliT. Bisous

Darlynn Tacinelli said...

love the Caftan and the slip dress! All good options for a girl who needs to get her butt into yoga!

lisa said...

Hi Kimberly-
This was great to see! I like the circle skirt, caftan and chiffon top the best, although all of them are beautiful. I live in upstate NY so I'm thinking of what will work for the colder weather. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

slip dress,chiffon top,circle skirt,caftan are my fall favorites.efi.

Desert Mermaid said...

Reviewed your video again later yesterday afternoon, and really took to heart your question about 'what would I like to see' in the line. I love to layer a skirt about the length of your romper over the top of jeans, skirts, leggings. ETSY sells so many cute 'pixie' skirts but they aren't as neutral or classic or versatile as your items, & the majority are wrap, which doesn't work for me. The Parisian style skirt you have available now is (to my eye)a stand-alone piece. I'd love to see something just very straightforward, clean lined, with or without pockets, PULL ON -- a touch of chiffon would be fabulous, too.

the other thing I realized is that I'm on the hunt for a piece like your turtleneck pull-over, except MINUS the turtleneck. I live in Phoenix (we're on day 9 of an extreme heat alert) -- the most I need for cover up is something along the lines of a shrug, but those don't cover the full neck, all the way around, and don't have a longer (elbow-length) sleeve or drape. I have a collection, now, of pashminas and heavier scarves, but those are annoying under a lot of circumstances as they don't stay in place even with pins or brooches.


Rebecca said...

Absolutely love the pencil skirt, romper and caftan, they look so comfy and chic!

J said...

musts for me: bodysuit, ruffle shorts, ruffle capris and circle skirt ...

J said...

and socks!!!

shannon said...

I loved everything, but I really love the ruched pencil skirt, bloomers, ruched pants, and romper! :)