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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

nouveau fall colours chosen

the "haute" colours of fall arrived in june and, well, they didn't feel right. sometimes beautiful colours don't translate well in the organic bamboo fabric so i requested two others. these lab dips just arrived. i. love. them. hope you do, too!

now, i need to name them. choose the perfect name for our new blue and green hues and win an item of your choice in that hue this fall. accepting name suggestions now through july 22 in the comment section. let your creativity flow.

bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the blue looks like our Lake in Fall. So "Autumn Lake." And the green...Anahata. :)

Vintage Butterfly said...

oooo I so love these colours..."moon pool" is my vote for the darker blue, and "lagoon" for the bluish-green! ;)

Analiese said...

Love these calming, cool hues for fall. For the blue, my name ideas are Wave Runner, Marine Mist, Sea Spray, Surf Shimmer, River Rock, Anchored in Blue, and Sparkling Sea Stone. For the green, Sea Glass, Cinque Terre (looks just like the color of the water there!), Lilypad, Lotus Leaf, La Vie en Turquoise, and Painted Earth.

lauralowery said...

For the blue: Ciel d'Automne
For the green: Tulum Sea Green

Have fun!! xox

kylie said...

blue-la-la (blue)
water lily (green)

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

For the blue, I like Rio, Rain, Crisp, Brisk, Panache and Dusk. For the green, I like Azul, Sea, Gypsy (or gypsea, ha), Glimmer, Spirit, Radiance. I also like Peacock for either the blue or the green.

St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors. Blue: Placid. Green: Sea Nymph.

Gabrielle Ferry said...

The first color: sunwashed denim, lagoon, autumn sky, twilight
The second one:blue topaz, maui, icy pool, waterfall

rachal said...

Blue~ Cornflower Silk
Green~ Cyan Breeze

Brie said...

Blue- Santorini
Green- Jade

Love the shades! :)

Lizi G. said...

Tranquil Blue
Serene Green
Lizi Life Coach

Kim A. said...

blue - sapphire serenity
green - sea breeze

PerfectPeaceJai said...

So tranquil!

Blue – peacock plume, plume, peacock-quamarine

Green – sea spray, yoga-tta get this green

Desert Mermaid said...

blue: adrift
green: Anais

denise said...

These colors are lovely lovely lovely! I can not wait for fall. I like Shore and Meadow. The green looks very much like the color of our fields in the fall. Yay for blues and greens!!

Anonymous said...

So fun!! Here are my ideas:
Blue - Ocean, Sapphire, Cornflower
Green - Eucalyptus, Emerald, Mint, Shamrock, Wintergreen

These colors are beautiful!

nicole cavanaugh said...

Karma blueprints + Vert Vixen ;)

/ said...

Gorgeous colors. My suggestions: Victorian Blue and Fresh Turquoise

Sarah said...

I love those colors. They remind me of hues that appear in peacock feathers. :)

ARG said...

Love these!!! Here are my entries:

Blue- Whisper del mar
Green- Sea Grass

Much love!!!


Amanda St.Clair said...

Blue - Take me to the sea, Blue Moon, Electric Blue
Green - Greenpeace, Rain Forest

Kirsten said...


What great colors and they look like something I would like to jump into this week with the heat and humidity in DC!!

So for the blueish, I suggest "Sargasso Sea" and for the green "Viridian".


cococita said...

Amazing colours. I love them :-) Fall will be great, that's what I know for sure.

Catherine said...

Beautiful colors, Kimberly!
I like Bleu Tranquilite (for the blue) and Tranquil Emeraude/Emerald (for the Green).
Also one more vote for Blue la la

ARG said...

Hi Kimberly!

Here's an update for my blue choice:

From Whisper del mar to Azul Berry.

Green stays the same: Sea Grass!!

Blue- Azul Berry
Green- Sea Grass

Lots of love!


BekahDrey said...

I like Lapis for the blue, because is such a lush shade that reminds me of the stone Lapis Lazuli. And sticking with the stone theme, I like Deep Turquoise for the green. Both of these names reflect the luxurious and close to nature feel of the TranquiliT brand.

Nancy said...

Love the colors! Can't wait to see the collection:

Blues: Dolphin, Glacier, Pacific, Papillon, Oceana, Cobalt, Indigo, Iris, Breeze, Skylight, bluetail

Green: Tropical, Carribean, Island, Seaside, Paradise, Bamboo, Limelight, Gem, Catalina, Teal, Jewel, Sprite :)

Anonymous said...

Strangely I had a dream about the names last night after reading this post!

Random ideas:

Ocean Breeze, Seaglasss, India green or something like that ( for the green-ish blue) - Eco-Denim or bluejean for the blue one..

Jessica said...

I *LOVE* the colors! Cool tones are my colors, so I'm super excited. I live near Vancouver, BC, so I like "rainfall" for the blue and "Deciduous" for the green, as in deciduous trees that grow here, lol.

Such lovely, lovely colors!

Alexa said...

Blue: Lapiz

Green: Jade

As we transition to deeper, autumnal hues, jewel tone-inspired names seem like a natural fit!

Lay said...

I like Alexa's Lapiz and Jade.
As a stone lover, when I wear Lapiz, I will imagine a blue cape like Medicine Buddha's embrace-totally healing.
When I wear the Jade, I will see the green from my heart chakra expanding to meet Mother Nature. This is why I like TranquiliT; the designs, the fabric but also the healing colors that I need every season!

Lots of Love from the Mineral Kingdom as well :)

Live Life Laugh Lots said...

Ohhh so pretty!

I would call the green hue "Fleur de lis" and the blue color "Royal Copenhagen"