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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pen your dreams

Monthly I take a sharpie to a torn image from an Anthropologie catologue and note the big tasks for the month: read x book, bed by 11, up by 8, x yoga, x gym, goals for charity events, project milestones to meet, x date nights with le beau, etc. Then I tape it inside my beloved planner pad with Japanese masking tape.  

Voila, my monthly dreams are crystalized in visual format and carried with me everywhere I go. 

Et toi? How do you pen your dreams? How do you ensure your daily actions are contributing to a larger purpose that aligns with values and passions? Truly the million dollar question!

Bisous. x

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Trece said...

I love this idea!! I believe I shall steal it, since I have started getting Anthropologie. Loving the graphic, visible nature of this type of goal list. Thanks!!

meecindy said...

love, love, love this idea and will definitely be "borrowing" it! :)

The Witch said...

I just got my new planner pad for my business's new year - July to June. So I'm totally psyched to be inspired by your planner pad! <3 xx