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Friday, June 10, 2011

week in review

week in review
mentoring session w/ vibrant mentee
friday evening 2-hour nap
bonnard return trip to vet - le sigh
taught 6.5 hours of biz of yoga
5 yoga classes
created + snail mailed 25 care packages
wrote 12-page paper for school
 dropped off + picked up le beau at airport
dinner + movie with girlfriend
chez moi cleaning
4-hour pow-wow with studios managers
manager meetings
taught 1 yoga class: new yoga + meditation
shipped TranquiliT orders
called farm sanctuary re: animal care conference
interviewed jamie nast on idea mapping
 virtual tea date with britt bravo
hosted tranquil teens program via tranquil space foundation
soak in the tub
5 hours MSW
cuddled with le pug
heaps of walks + trips to doggie bakery with le pug
hours o' chatting with le beau
read heaps of the art of non-conformity
confirmed may 2012 jaunt to nyc for teachers' 10-year anniversary
got upset with not-so-nice ladies at post office- boo
feel more in love with le pug

weekend wishlist
movie with le beau
raise money for washington humane society at saturday's doga
2 yoga classes + 1 yoga workshop
lead inspiring class for 21-day challenge yogis
yummy brunch with le beau saturday
gym jaunt
yummy brunch with dear friend sunday
finish the art of non-conformity
consolidate your e-course/e-book ideas + reveal plans

et toi? what's on your wishlist? 

bisous. x

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Desert Mermaid said...

ohmygawd, that picture of Louie! just want to bury kisses all over his furry face -- but I'm sure you have THAT covered (grin!)

Rebecca said...

That sounds like an absolutely lovely week!!

kimberly wilson said...

awww, merci. his face is truly a joy! x