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Thursday, June 09, 2011

to-doing via fanciness

taking today away from the studio to organize a huge rush TranquiliT order, make and send heaps of snail mail packages to paris + provence participants (you're gonna love these!), pen thank yous, ship recent TranquiliT orders (yay, germany!), handle random behind the scenes admin pieces. oh, and study for school tonight! since my planner pad was full ballpoint pen o' to-dos, i decided to use a scrap sheet of gorg gold paper and pen pressing to-dos for the day on it with my go-to noir sharpie. somehow it makes my to-dos feel more glamorous and, well, less mundane. 

try it, it may "glamourize" your to-dos, too! 

bisous. x

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Jamie Nast said...

Next will be a "to-do" Idea Map! :)

Denise-Marie said...

Merci for yet another informative post, Kimberly! Am at MIA awaiting plane to Europe, all comfy stylish in one of your fab Tranquiliti wraps!!! Looking forward to receiving snail mail + what is sure to be an amazing 2012 journey!

Rebecca said...

What a fun way to make a mundane task into a work of art! Absolutely love it, thanks for the constant inspiration to make my day to day life a little more fabulous!

Desert Mermaid said...

I love this! I've been practicing this forEVAH! I have a vintage file bin, metal with the letter 'B' still inserted in the front, full of torn pieces of all kinds of papers -- every morning when I set my intent in my journal, I also work on my 'list' for the day. At the end of the day, it gets glue-sticked into my journal, and I love leafing back through the pages to see all those shimmery or glittery or colorful sheets with marked-off items on them. I also thought, wow, if any of my sons or grandsons ever really reads these journals, the lists will give them a really strong picture of my day to day life, too. (this is another area where upcycling greeting cards I receive has come in handy)

kimberly wilson said...

all, thanks for your input! i LOVE the idea about doing these at the start of the day and pasting them into a journal. i can only imagine how beautiful that must be! x