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Friday, June 17, 2011

week in review: off to vegas

sweet sign at entry of beloved pigs sanctuary

week in review:
6 yoga classes
3 gym jaunts
taught 3 classes plus doga (click for fun photos!)
video for mid-month tranquility tip
5 hours MSW
2 mentoring sessions
manager meetings
tagged + packed 85lbs of TranquiliT wholesale order 
finished dying heaps of organic cotton tees + shipped to printer
walked from tranquil space arlington to georgetown = far
released susannah conway podcast. inspiring!
finished the art of non-conformity + penned highlights
chez moi switcheroo for fancy (senior) feline bonnard
heaps of studio schedule edits + additions for july (woo hoo!)
 took take home exam
packed for vegas
check-ins with new teachers
paid quarterly taxes
refinanced chez moi
canceled never used landline
teacher training meeting
welcomed new teachers
completed first summer school semester
shipped TranquiliT retail orders (including vintage/reclaimed pieces)

vegas weekend wishlist:
vintage shopping
hours of chatting
cigar puffing
rocking out at poison/motley crue concert
holding fresh bebe
star gazing
hours of reading on plane

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Rachel said...

Can't believe you're getting to see Motley Crue! Give Tommy Lee a big smooch from me...yum!

Sarah said...

Always amazed at all you accomplish in a week. Rock out at the concert!

Wellness Journey said...

I love seeing your week in review! Thanks for posting! xo