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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


beloved bonnard has been moved to an assisted living space . . . a lower perch on a vintage tea cart while his former perch has transformed into an altar space of sorts. images of audrey hepburn, gramma, louis the pug, and le beau, pearls by coco yogini, two vintage candy jars, and candles adorn his former landing spot. 

sometimes it's important to switch things up to accommodate our (cat's) needs. 

what needs a switcheroo for you? 

bisous. x

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Gina said...

My entire bedroom needs a switcheroo. In fact, I'd say that I should switcheroo out of my current living situation, but until I can swing that, I'll settle for moving furniture, etc.

Trece said...

How is the cher Bonard? Did you get a diagnosis?