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Thursday, June 23, 2011

birthday countdown

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one week from today i will be 38. dear. lord.
honestly, i had to do the math. born in 1973 = what? 
amazing that as we get older, the years merge into each other.

i plan to take next thursday off until 5pm (school time) and am debating the best way to spend the day. here are a few of my dreams/options: museums, bookstores, high tea, art galleries, secondhand shopping, massage, yoga, journal writing at the arboretum, picnic lunch in the park with sir louis + le beau, matinee. 

hmmm, options abound for my day. now to let it all unfold into a perfect plan. 

any suggestions on favorite ways to indulge in a sultry dc day?

bisous. x

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Kirsten said...

Hi Kimberly,

Early Happy Birthday! Mine will be coming in a few weeks and this post made me think that I need to take a day of vacation also to celebrate. Each year I also give myself a really nice present- haven't quite decided what I will give this year.

Have you noticed (or is only me) that celebrating seems to be a bigger deal each year? I am starting to think I need to celebrate my birthday for at least a week! : )


Rebecca said...

Two totally random suggestions:
-Pay a visit to the Amarican Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.
-Visit Spa World in Centerville, VA (never been but I've heard it's pretty cool). Hope your day is wonderful!


kimberly wilson said...

great ideas, thank you! i've heard RAVE reviews about spa world and am dying to check it out. open 24 hours!

kimberly wilson said...


honestly, i used to have birthday months so i've lightened up on celebrations as i've gotten older! happy *almost* birthday to you. x

Wily Coyote said...

I say you hire a cabana boy for a personal, in-home massage and bubble bath. And then pick up with the other activities on your list.