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Friday, June 24, 2011

week in review: au revoir vegas

beautiful petals from wednesday's tranquilologie teleclass

week in review
flew to vegas via virgin (j'adore that airline)
up at 4am monday for return to dc
developed unimaginable crush on tommy lee
smoked amazing cigar
saw poison + motley crue in concert
vintage + secondhand shopping
snuggling bebe rigel in vegas
girlfriend time in vegas
3 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
baked kale chips
taught yoga + meditation
manager meetings
new studio schedules to printer
started romper in sewing class
5 hours MSW
finale podcast for tranquilista lifestyle participants (you all rock!)
hosted tranquilologie teleclass
4.5 hour meeting over studio training enhancement
prep for 4-hr manager retreat hosting chez moi
cuddles with sir louis
TranquiliT shipping
made 1% for the planet donations
condo refinance documents
interviewed tina sparkles for upcoming inspiring podcast
finalized landscaping + painting proposal for arlington studio

weekend wishlist
coddle walter the pig at pig sanctuary
snail mail love package to girlfriend
art journal
read, read, read
hammock time
sketch fall collection
e-course + e-book compilations

et toi? what's on your wishlist?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my weekend wish list is..

-Spending time with my niece who is turning 21 today
-Visual Journaling
-Planning of next week
-Listening to your summer tele class and creating my summer plans
-Try to keep away from the bookstore, but not sure thats going to happen!