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Monday, May 09, 2011

things i love a la oklahoma

 1. favorite childhood poly bird dress mum told me "was lost in the wash" when i outgrew it but wouldn't stop wearing it. reunited over the weekend.
 2. fave sparkly cowgirl tee that reads "hot shot" from tombstone, arizona
 3. another fave tee from beloved grandparents purchased in nowhere, oklahoma. seriously.
 4. my soccer jersey. wore thin pink belt around it. cried each time ball came at me. my soccer "career" ended after this season.
 5. rockstar 70s childhood vest. worth having a little girl just to dress her in this! note rockstar crocheted owl necklace gramma made circa 1970. love!
 6. evening of art journaling
7. mum + sir louis the pug
 8. gramma happy on the porch
 9. sir louis pensively pondering life
10. sir louis cooling down in hole dug into oklahoma soil

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