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Friday, April 29, 2011

week in review: au revoir spring semester

moi circa 1977

week in review
2 final days of internship at n street village
numerous goodbyes to fellow interns
crafted tranquility du jour musings newsletter
packed for montreal
stayed up for 4am train to montreal today
packed + shipped TranquiliT loot
indulged in easter brunch, hike + afternoon country drive
savored train ride from dc to le beau's wv cabin
wrote may muse for tranquil space newsletter
took 4 yoga classes
sipped heaps of jasmine tea
ate lots of homemade guac
manager meetings
2 MSW classes
wrote portion of paper for group project
posted video from last week's lunafest
announced may online book club book
indulged in an artist date + wrote blog post about it
opened up a second week of paris + provence art + yoga retreat
sent initial confirm to retreaters (only 13 mos to go!)
posted weekly things i love
gave presentation on india trip
devoured a root beer float + lavender lemonade at ACKC
sent lunafest gratitude email: we raised $1500
confirmed volunteer position at n street village
taught yoga + meditation class

weekend wishlist a la montreal
finish transpersonal theory paper due monday
savor catch up time with jason and jennifer
vintage shop
visit our favorite chinese restaurant
daydream during 14-hr train ride
rock moccasins all over montreal

et toi? what's on your wishlist? x

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Unknown said...

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