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Monday, April 25, 2011

things i love

 1. this image of paris wows
2. love multiple ways to wear pieces
 3. easter bunny cottontail ice cream
 4. my beloved art journal
 5. new color coming to TranquiliT this week = shell
6. new art journaling page

7. candy fluff easter egg a la lush = best scent ever

8. dhanurasana = love (especially with a healed shoulder)
9. easter hikes with sir louis the pug
10. miss dior cherie ad

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monique said...

oooh, i bought that paris print for my daughter's room for christmas! it's a pretty big size one. put it in a simple frame & she loves it {as do i!}! :)

Vintage Butterfly said...

I so adore the new color for TranquiliT!!! aside from noir, the cream/sand/blush colors are the only ones that look good on me. ;) Can't wait to purchase something in it. :)

my favorite Lush bath bomb is the avo the pretty green color it gives the bath water, and smells DIVINE!!!! ;)

PIncurl Girls said...

Kimberly, I thought you would love this! Paris and PMS 169.

Mary P. Lee said...

I recently started purchasing lush body products after hearing you refer to them several times.....I'm in love with them. They were also party of the gift bag for my bridesmaids so I could share the obsession with them. Thanks ;).

kimberly wilson said...

ladies, thanks so much for your feedback on this week's things i love. SUCH fun to share and i'm delighted pieces of it resonated.

oui, lush products bring me immense pleasure! x