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Friday, March 18, 2011

week in review

week in review
hired 2 new talented teachers
vintage shopping in gettysburg + frederick
gave keynote address to 250 lovely ladies at a women's wellness conference
wrote a theorist review paper on this *highly* recommended book
attended our talented teacher assistant team retreat
comp study group
6 hours of MSW classes
enrolled in 12 weeks of summer school
manager meetings
continue to craft spring studio schedule puzzle
2 days of internship
gave speech on my trip to india
prep for today's spring TranquiliT photo shoot
indulged in a documentary watching eve with le beau 
took 2 yoga classes
taught 1 yoga + meditation class
1 jaunt to the gym
ate heaps of kale chips 

weekend wishes
inspiring workshop with the lovely ashley turner on saturday night
productive comps study group
fun tranquil space foundation grant giving meeting
write two process recordings
write transpersonal theory journal paper
art journal
savor springtime walk with louis the pug
prep for monday's bloom into spring teleclass
craft tranquility du jour newsletter (hits in boxes monday)

et toi? what's on your wish list?

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Anonymous said...

Catch up on 365
Paint nails ( never do this, but have the urge to!)
Work on gathering and posting my goals lists
Prep page in journal for your tele class
a few 15 min Inspired actions
Plan next week
Freelance Resume stuff
Inspo hunt

Those are my things I would like to do this weekend!

Have a great one!

JessicaMelusine said...

On my list:
Successfully hostess craft party tonight.
Read a fun book; have been reading Very Serious material lately.
Figure out triple crochet.
Have a long leisurely bath.
Take a lovely walk.
Plan for week ahead.
Work on an essay (due in a week)

My resolution for the week ahead is to wear lipstick even though I am working from home.

kimberly wilson said...

jessica, LOVE wearing lipstick even when no one will see me. found that it helped me write my last book!

thank you, ladies, for sharing your wishes. they all sound so fun! x

Anonymous said...

what a small world...i went to high school with Ashley and her twin sister :)