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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cre8ivity capturings

my pile of mind capturings: journal, art journal, planner, idea book

art journal for drawing, collaging, coloring, writing thoughts + dreams

planner for capturing to-dos, projects, meetings, appointments, assignments

idea book for capturing ideas on-the-go

journal for writing out thoughts and taking notes in the moment

how do you capture the whirlings of your mind? 
any favorite tips and tricks to making the experience more colorful and organized?

happy hump day.
bisous. x

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Amelia said...

oooh yes, these are fab! I love capturing thoughts in any notebook I have to hand. My favourites are from either Paperchase (little brown paper notebooks) or Moleskines . . . I have to have one with me at all times to catch those ideas that fly in when least expected!

Lovely pics :)


Sarah said...

I've found that I really love the Springpad app. It allows me to organize my thoughts through notes, to-dos, etc.. For each note/to-do I can also add photos (pics snapped with my phone camera or links) and I can look up items through Amazon (I know have a to-read book list). It's especially nice having all of my ideas in one place while I'm out.

Vintage Butterfly said...

I keep a journal, a gratitude journal, a visual journal, a date planner, and a binder of ideas and craft projects with instructions...I also have a blog online that helps me to stay creative in my ideas and thoughts. I tend to add pictures to everything, and find that using stamps and stickers along with paint and wrapping paper and scrapbooking paper usually work best for adding special effects! I love being creative with my thoughts and projects! I also love for my things to have an "otherworldy" feel to them...using glitter and color tends to help with that...also pieces of lace and tulle work well too! :)

Ms.Lee said...

Very nice! Planner pads I love 'em!

I keep a weekly planner, personal journal - for deep thoughts and gratitude, a 5-subject notebook for side projects and learnings, and art/collage book. I also just started using a huge sketch book for big dream collages. I like the idea book for thoughts on the go!

Thank you for sharing :)

vj said...

Did anyone read about or see Oprah's diary excerpts in the latest issue of her magazine? they date as far back as the 70s.
She mentioned in an interview how interesting it was to chart her changes through journaling.

kimberly wilson said...

merci for sharing the ways in which you, too, try to capture the moment. will have to check out that app and the o article. thanks for the resources. x