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Friday, January 28, 2011

week in review: tea, artistic play + more

week in review:
 3 yoga classes
1 day of meditation with sharon salzberg
1 evening at the gym
taught 2 yoga classes + 1 meditation class
visited walter at the pig sanctuary
2 days of internship
taught tonglen at india night and mindfulness meditation class
debuted lokah samasta sukino bhavantu on the harmonium at india night
vintage and second hand shopping with mama wilson
tea time at teaism today with mama wilson (top 2 photos)
got new sparkly vintage-looking bracelet from mama = love! (3rd photo)
browsed books for hours tonight (4th photo)
got art journal envy from ludwig's book true vision (5th photo)
hOMe to a fire with le pug + le mama (last photo)
wrote analysis of power paper for school
shipped TranquiliT orders
posted simplification podcast with tammy strobel
celebrated 7 years with le beau
met kris carr of crazy sexy diet at elizabeth's gone raw
spent a yummy sunday at le beau's cabin
didn't knock many things off to-do list = le sigh
took le pug for frolics in the snow
shoveled entry way for tranquil space yogis during snowstorm

how was your week? full of experiences? to-dos? 
happy with how 2011 is unfolding? for moi, it feels good so far. loving my new meditation class, new passion for boho chic style, and ongoing organization. life continues to unfold.  
et toi? bisous.

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Cherie said...

Sounds like a successful week! I'm trying to overcome the winter inertia that has grabbed hold of me. Would welcome any yoga pose suggestions for this problem. I did get caught up on school work and started working on a "do gooder" project I'm excited about.

kimberly wilson said...

cherie, ahhh inertia. i'm feeling it this morning as i handle the morning's work from bed. sometimes i find it best to rest with the inertia and take it as a sign my body is tired for all the action. backbends can be very invigorating but in times like this, i'm a fan of legs up the wall! xx

Linda said...

Wow, great lists of things accomplished or better yet, enjoyed! Good year so far. Feeling big boulders moving slowly inside me, unblocking what I sense as a year full of new creative explorations! Love that pretty white crocheted cape!


Cherie said...

Kimberly, I'd love to rest with the inertia but am afraid that with me it would last the entire winter. :) Thanks for the legs up the wall tip!