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Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy 1.1.11: sparkle + shine

before + after shots of artistic armoire organization

bonjour 2011. i hope your transition into the new year was wonder-filled. 

honestly, le beau, noir pets, and moi did the countdown with anderson cooper from the couch in front of a roaring fire with sparkling pink grapefruit in hand. sexy! alas, i'm delighted for another year and the continued motivation to keep growing and shining. 

above are additional photos from my chez moi organizing binge earlier this week. i included them here because they serve as a great reminder of our ability to realign ourselves when things get askew. and how we can make space for more in our lives when we get the clutter (mental and/or physical) under control. in the final shot, i had added a box of gift bags, tissue, ribbon, and aromatherapy oils that had been scattered throughout chez moi. by reconfiguring the set up of my artistic armoire, i was able to add even more artistic play components to the mix. an inspiring metaphor for life.

what needs clean up in your own life so that you can make space? hmmm, one to ponder.

as we move into a new year, i want to share a few simple ways in which i hope to sparkle + shine in 2011. my hope is that they will serve as a dose of inspiration to you, too, and that we can continue to support one another on this journey. 

1. start each day with mindfulness
2. create and savor experiences
3. know my strengths and nurture them
4. be fully present with the person/situation in front of me
5. surround myself with flowers
6. nurture my relationships
7. read 2 books per month
8. indulge in one relaxed, unscheduled day (or few hours) each week
9. travel (love this quote: the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
a la saint augustine)
10. give time, money and energy to causes i adore

formal january dreams and december review forthcoming. how did yours unfold?

using today to sit fireside for my right brain business planning coupled with penning january dreams into my new planner pad. in addition, i'll do a vlog showcasing the creation of my 2011 planner along with intention setting for this new decade. as promised, i've got some fun ideas for enhancing this beloved blog, tranquility du jour, and they'll begin playing out this week. woo-hoo! if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to pass them along.

may this year offer you belly laughs, big ideas, and heaps of tranquility. 
let your life sparkle and shine! 

p.s. join moi for a tranquility-filled teleclass, e-course or retreat in january.

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