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Saturday, December 25, 2010

what i'm reading

a blend of spirituality, leadership, style and business books topped with pink-covered kindle, 
damask ideas book, and journal. note twinkling tree and pink bike in background.
i hope all your hollyday dreams came true.
kisses, kimberly

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Anonymous said...

I just love stacks of books and journals and magazines ;-D I am checking out some of the books you have in your pile. The blend sounds like one I would like! Also wanted to mention that I downloaded all of your podcasts ( all the way from 05) and have been enjoying the inspo!

kimberly wilson said...

love how the photo came out. think i'll do a regular "what am i reading" shot as it's always a stack. someday i'll settle down and simply savor one. until then . . .

yay, delighted to hear that you are enjoying the podcasts. they have been so fun to share over the past 5 years!