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Monday, December 06, 2010

monday musings

bonjour, welcome to a new week! i'm refreshed after a weekend of paper writing, fireside warming, and art journal reflecting (see image to left).

can you believe that there are only 4 weeks left in 2010? we've gone through 48 weeks so far! i was adding to the art journal i started in mexico and labeled the various dreams i'd noted for 2010. it was fun to see some that came to fruition and observe some that are yet to come. how have yours been unfolding?

one fun thing le beau and i added to the holly day mix was a day trip to new york city december 30. he's going up to watch some game with a ball. i'll be window shopping, doing yoga, and noshing at my fave spots. gotta love nyc at christmas.

friday morning i am dashing to kripalu to indulge in my end of year reflection with my new love, sarah susanka. she did a post for our preparation that i thought you, too, would enjoy. promise to share my journey with you. should be a very tranquil, reflective, inspiring weekend.

wishing you a beautiful start to your week. infuse it with a scented candle, chai tea latte, cozy slippers tucked under your desk, and a moment of noticing your breath. may your day truly be merry and bright.

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Amanda Clark St.Clair said...

Your upcoming trip to NYC sounds like a blast but you had me cracking up on your "some game with a ball" comment! So sounds like something I would say to football/baseball/basketball/whatever. Although I did see a Miami Heat/Orlando Magic basketball game live earlier this year and it was quite the awesome experience for a non-sporty gal.


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly.
I remember working with Beau on a project last winter and he warned me that we may have to consider that if Syracuse was in the playoffs are timeline might have to be adapted. Very cute. :)
I bet that's the game he's going to watch.

Question for you -- I am also visiting NYC, leaving Fri. I've always wanted to drop in at Jivamukti Yoga. I've been doing yoga 20 years, but I know their style is very different. Do you think I could drop in an "open" class or should I do a beginner one? Hope you have a minute to comment!

Angela B.

kimberly wilson said...

if you are used to vinyasa flow and/or ashtanga, you'll be fine (and challenged) in the jivamukti open class. however, if your practice is more anusara or iyengar based, i'd recommend the beginner class. save time to sip tea in their cafe and bask in the experience of a fabulous studio in nyc. enjoy! xx