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Friday, October 22, 2010

week in review: pigs, foliage + greenfestival

above is a look at the evolution of TranquiliT's booth at greenfestival today. from naked booth to full, inviting booth. my hope is to create a boutique-like vibe within a tiny booth in a conference center. it's the little things: chalkboards, sparkly letters, damask frames and boxes, bamboo rug, damask ottomans, framed promotional materials, fragrant lilies, bamboo stalks, and fair trade tea rose tea for all shoppers. life is about accessorizing. little things matter.

week in review:
*morning at the gym
*2-hour yin yoga workshop
*walking in the woods with beau + pug below canopy of fall foliage = bliss
*warmed myself by the fire
*did first downward facing dog since thumb surgery
*met the cutest pigs and mastif in the world at the pig sanctuary
*organized my 2011 planner pad with scheduled dates
*sent thank yous to tranquil space foundation supporters
*shipped oodles of TranquiliT orders
*filmed finale video for the tranquility project e-course: new one starts november 24!
*sent oodles of updates to webmaster for TranquiliT website
*gathered goodies + created TranquiliT booth at greenfestival today
*picked up a yummy red matte lipstick. j'adore!
*sipped + fell in love with perrier pamplemousse rose. life will never be the same.
*picked up 2 bouquets of fragrant white lilies: one for chez moi, one for TranquiliT booth
*sponsored 4 animals, donated to nest and tranquil space foundation
*curled up and had stay-in movie nights with beau


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Lexi said...

On the lookout for the grapefruit perrier :) The boutique looks fabulous - and I know how much work that took!!! Thanks for posting the pix - hope it is a fun and profitable day.

kimberly wilson said...

merci, lexi. glad you like it! fun to see the progression from start to finish. xx